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Zilker Metropolitan Park Great Lawn Re-Opens: Tourists Help Economy

If you are a resident of Austin, Texas then you probably already know that the city is reopening the Zilker Metropolitan Park Great Lawn. This will help stimulate the local economy over the holiday season. It will attract visitors and in turn the local shops will need to hire more employees. Although this seems as a temporary employment opportunity, the visitor number may help continuous economic stimulation. It is advisable to visit local shops that need holiday help now in order to secure a holiday position. As always, the holiday help positions present on opportunity to “get your foot in the door” and may land you a permanent position.


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Samsung MobileTue Jan 16, 2018

**General Description** Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) is looking for talented engineering and science graduates from the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 graduating classes to join our industry leading ...

Samsung MobileTue Jan 16, 2018

**General Description** Summary / Overview: Seeking technician to work on Material Technology (MT) Excursion Prevention team. Serves as gatekeeper to protect factory by managing incoming raw material ...

Samsung MobileTue Jan 16, 2018

**General Description** Summary / Overview: Primary responsibilities include in-fab tool improvement and sustaining of the Kokusai (KE) Furnace. Support daily operations by ensuring quality product fl...

Samsung MobileTue Jan 16, 2018

**General Description** Summary / Overview: Responsible for performing functions associated with improving and controlling the current processes or products manufactured at SAS Problem Solving: Identi...

Samsung MobileTue Jan 16, 2018

**General Description** SAS is seeking an entry level candidate to become part of Process Control Monitoring (PCM) team for the PI-Systems Department. PCM team is a part of PI-System team at SAS. PCM ...

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